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Twenty Years Ago This Week – It All Started!

This week marks another milestone in the amazing history of Imago Studios. Twenty years ago this week, we did our first 3 shoots after arriving in Las Vegas. On 5/23/98 we worked with Alexa Close. The following weekend, we worked with Mia Chen on 5/30/98 and Mary Olson & Katie Ladd 5/31/98. Those 3 shoots would become our first 3 video releases (IS01, IS02 & IS03). And to this day, IS03 still remains our best selling video. We had already shot two videos and numerous still photos with other models for Harmony Concepts under the name Imago Studios, not to mention the dozens of personal photos we submitted under the name “the wanDeRers”. But these 3 videos were the first we shot knowing we were about to start our own company. It would still be a few months before the Imago Studios website would go live in August of 1998, but this week marked the start of content production for our fledgling business.

Over the years, we have acknowledged other anniversaries in previous blog posts. But we have to admit, 20 years amazes even us. And it is not just the length of time, but also what we have accomplished and the amazing success we have had. In our not so humble opinion, Imago Studios is one of the best and most unique bondage sites on the planet. The uniqueness is due, in large part, to our models, who are simply the best – period. And our prolonged success would not be possible without the incredible support we have received from so many fantastic fans. Yes, those are bold statements, but after 20 years, we think we can toot our own horn just a bit! πŸ™‚

And if you are wondering, we have no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Alexa Close in IS01

Mary & Katie in IS02

Mia Chen in IS03

A Huge Shout Out to Our Fantastic Models

What is the single biggest reason for the success of Imago Studios (besides our loyal fans)? What makes Imago Studios truly unique? Why will we be celebrating our 20th anniversary on the web this year when so many other sites have come & gone in the blink of an eye? The answer to all these questions is simple. It is our models. They are beautiful, sexy and cute. They work hard and really enjoy shooting with us. Of course, there are plenty of sites working with beautiful, hard-working models (though none has as many cute models as we do! πŸ™‚ ). But there is a difference – and it is a big one.

The vast majority of the girls who model for us are not professional bondage or porn models. They do not travel around the country shooting with any producer who will pay them. Nearly all of 300 or so girls who have worked for Imago Studios have shot with us and us alone. They are simply real-life ordinary people with normal jobs from every walk of life. And while their motivations for working with us are as varied as their backgrounds, we can say quite honestly that for most of them, it is more about the adventure and excitement of doing something different while having a ton of fun then it is about money. It is their open & natural reactions coupled with their genuine enthusiasm about doing this that makes them truly special and produces a unique product.

Britney Damon

Mia Nelson

Katherine West

Aurora Parker

Leah Powers

Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating

Thank you to our loyal fans!

As we enter 2018, we want to sincerely thank all those that have supported us over the years. This year is an important milestone for us as it marks Imago Studios’ 20th year on the web. That is something we could never have imagined possible back when we first started. We know much of our success and longevity is due to the many exceptionally loyal fans that have been with us for so long. We are amazed by the large number of people that have been members for years at a time or purchased much of what we have produced. In addition, many of you have written us very thoughtful comments, sent us equipment, props & clothing to use, commissioned custom videos and alerted us about stolen content. We are truly humbled by this amazing level of support. And as we enter our 20th year, we will continue to work hard at producing a high quality product that is unique, original, classy & fun!

Bondage Photography – Maybe Not Dying So Quick After All

In a blog entry from June 2016, we asked the question “Is Bondage Photography a Dying Medium?” We were, of course, referring to the commercial viability of bondage photography, not personal images shared on the web. And let’s be honest, the vast majority of bondage material you see on the web, be it still images or video, was produced commercially. Our question was based on the growing proliferation video only sites and the dramatic decrease in sites emphasizing quality bondage photography. More than a year later, the popularity of bondage video sites continues and we have not noticed any new sites specializing primarily in bondage photography. We too continue to greatly increase the amount of video in our Members’ Club and will continue to add even more (look for an announcement regarding more video in the Members’ Club very shortly).

Recently, however, we were crunching some numbers and were quite surprised at the results. Maybe bondage photography as a viable medium isn’t dying nearly as quick as we thought. In 2016, individual photo sets and photo archive collections accounted for 65% of the total items sold and nearly 30% of the revenue on our Bondage Warehouse site. And so far in 2017, those percentages are increasing. From January 1 through October 31, photo sets & photo archive collections have accounted for 70% of the total items sold and more than 33% of the revenue.

What does this mean? We do not know! Maybe nothing as we realize our fan base, in general, probably has slightly different tastes than many bondage consumers. We are fairly certain that bondage photography will continue to be de-emphasized in favor of videos by most producers, especially new producers. However, for us at least, bondage photography still remains viable in and of itself. Which is good, because we still love doing bondage photography! πŸ™‚


Best Selling Photo Sets – Updated

Back in Febuary 2013, we did a blog entry on the 10 best selling photo sets in the Bondage Warehouse. More than 4 years later, we thought we would take another look and see what has changed. Amazingly, there have only been 3 changes on the list and Ashley Adams continues to appear surprisingly often. As we mentioned back in 2013, this is interesting given Ashley was not with us long and was not particularly popular, at least in terms of the amount of feedback we got on her at the time.

Top 10 selling photo sets in the Bondage Warehouse now and back in February 2013:
Current all-time best selling photo sets:
1) photo set # 00617 – Kylie Adams & Sophia Mills
2) photo set # 02175 – Avalon Sieva (new on list)
3) photo set # 00425 – Ashley Adams
4) photo set # 01007 – Kylie Adams & Sophia Mills (new on list)
5) photo set # 00084 – Ashley Adams
6) photo set # 00124 – Ashley Adams & Lisa Star
7) photo set # 00768 – Ashley Adams & Callie Chase (new on list)
8) photo set # 00215 – Ashley Adams & Lisa Star
9) photo set # 00036 – Ashley Adams
10) photo set # 00284 – Britney Damon
Best selling photo sets back in February 2013:
1) photo set # 00617 – Kylie Adams & Sophia Mills
2) photo set # 00124 – Ashley Adams & Lisa Star
3) photo set # 00425 – Ashley Adams
4) photo set # 00036 – Ashley Adams
5) photo set # 00084 – Ashley Adams
6) photo set # 00109 – Lisa Star
7) photo set # 00284 – Britney Damon
8 ) photo set # 00035 – Lisa Star
9) photo set # 00215 – Ashley Adams & Lisa Star
10) photo set # 00253 – Lisa Star
Best selling Photo Sets – All Time
Kylie & Sophia
Avalon Sieva
Kylie & Sophia


Now of course the all-time best selling list is biased toward photo sets that have been on sale longer. So we decided to look at the top 10 best selling photo sets over just the last year. Not surprisingly, the results are quite different. Almost all the model names are different and more recent iconic Imago Studios’ models such as Katherine West and Yania Fernandez appear. Not surprisingly, at least to us, is Selene Silva appearing multiple times. If she had stayed in Vegas, we are certain she would have gone on to be one of our most popular models. We do find it interesting that both in the all-time and in this list, the overall bias is toward models that only worked for a short time. Is that because they have so few sets that each set gets more “hits” than models who have a lot of sets for sale, or is it a nostalgia for rarities?

Best selling photo sets over the last year (Sept 2016 through August 2017)
Photo Set 02725 – Avalon Sieva
Photo Set 02793 – Selene Silva
Photo Set 02780 – Katherine West
Photo Set 02892 – Cydel Jimenez & Julia Dixon
Photo Set 02706 – Yania Fernandez
Photo Set 02832 – Elizabeth Howard
Photo Set 02834 – Selene Silva
Photo Set 02655 – Avalon Sieva
Photo Set 02559 – Selene Silva
Photo Set 02175 – Avalon Sieva
Photo Set 02500 – Yania Fernandez
Photo Set 02859 – Julia Dixon
Photo Set 02163 – Ashley Adams & Callie Chase

Best selling Photo Sets – All Time
Avalon Sieva
Selene Silva
Katherine West
Cydel & Julia

Yania Fernandez

Note: All these photo sets, plus hundreds of other photo sets, full length videos and video clips, can be downloaded from our Bondage Warehouse site.

Vault Section to be Updated More Frequently

Good news for members! For the next several months, there will be additional Vault updates added to the Imago Studios Members’ Area each week. We are doing this to shorten the time when photo sets are unavailable on either Imago Studios or the Bondage Warehouse.

The original purpose of the Vault section was to give new members a chance to see some of the older material they missed before they joined. It was also a way for us to give our older material a second showing. New photos would remain on the site for a few weeks, eventually be removed, then reappear in the Vault a few months later. But over the years, the gap between when a photo set left the new photo section and reappeared in the Vault has dramatically increased. It now stands at nearly 15 months! But now we have the Bondage Warehouse, which is where all our older material is available for individual download without any membership requirements. So our intention is to do additional Vault updates for the foreseeable future – at least until we get the gap down to only a few months. That way, once published, a photo set will almost always be available on either Imago Studios or the Bondage Warehouse.

Membership at Imago Studios is such a Bargain!

A one month membership at Imago Studios cost $29.95. We realize that is not an insignificant amount of money, but if you enjoy our material, is a true bargain. Here are several reasons why:

1) The Members’ Club contains over 85 hours of video. If you purchased all those videos individually at our Bondage Warehouse site (which you actually can’t – see below) you would pay over $4000. If you bought them from our C4S site, you would pay well over $5000. Even if you wanted less than 1% of the video in the Members’ Club, it is still cheaper to buy a one month membership than to buy the material individually. And new video material is added multiple times each week!

2) In addition to all that video, Members also get access to hundreds of high quality photo sets with new photo sets added multiple times each week. If you bought the same number of photo sets individually from Bondage Warehouse, you would spend several hundred dollars just for those!

3) Much of the material in the Members’ Club is not available anywhere else. For example, the Members’ Club contains over 800 Behind-the-Scenes videos. Only 107 of those are currently available on the Bondage Warehouse. In addition, the 100+ Challenge Videos and dozens of recently released Quick Take videos are only available in the Members’ Club. Yes, most of this video material will eventually be available in the Bondage Warehouse, but it may take months, if not years, to get there. The new photo sets appearing in the Members’ Club will take almost 2 years to appear in the Bondage Warehouse!

4) Members get 5% off all orders they make at Bondage Warehouse for even more savings.

5) If you remain a member beyond the first month, your monthly fee drops to only $21.95, over 25% savings!

But of course, if you just don’t like memberships or subscriptions, you can always buy a la carte from Bondage Warehouse and get exactly what you like!

Happy Anniversary to us – 18 Years on the Web!

It just occurred to us that August was our anniversary month. We can’t recall the exact date, but sometime in late August 18 years ago, Imago Studios made its first appearance on the web. We had been around for several years before that, but not with our own site.

Eighteen years is a long time – so much has changed and so many people and other sites have come and gone. We have enjoyed success far beyond anything we could have dreamed. But most importantly, we have made some really good friends along the way.

And by the way, we are not going away – we think we still have a good 10 or 20 years left! πŸ™‚

Molly Bronte – 16 years ago today!!!

A very happy anniversary to the incomparable Molly Bronte. It is hard to believe, but she first worked 16 years ago today – July 30, 2000. To be honest, we don’t remember many specifics about that day – we actually remember her initial interview a few weeks prior more vividly. At the time, Molly was just 18 and completely new to modeling. We could never imagined that we would still be working with her 16 years later. She has done more photo sets and videos than any of our other models – by far. More importantly, we would have never guested we would have formed such a good and lasting friendship. She is really a very cool person.

Molly 16 years ago and earlier this year.


Is Bondage Photography a Dying Medium?

With an Internet loaded with millions of bondage images and websites, one’s immediate response may be something along the lines of ‘no way’. But if you look a bit deeper and pay attention to current trends, the answer may be far less clear. While the first bondage photograph was probably taken not too long after the camera was invented πŸ™‚ , bondage photos produced for commercial purposes didn’t really bloom in the United States until the 1970’s with the start of companies such as HOM, TAO, Harmany and a few others. Of course, the images of Irving Klaw and John Willie predate those. And in Japan, the magazine Kitan Club was publishing bondage photos as early as the lates 1940s/early 1950s. For several decades, these magazines were the primary source of bondage imagery. While most of these companies also produced bondage videos, bondage magazines lasted until they were killed off by the explosion of bondage websites starting in the early 2000’s. At first, almost all of the commercial bondage sites were photo membership sites with very little or no video content. Bondage videos were still sold mail order. With dial up, delivery of video of any size or quality via the web was just not practical. But Internet speeds have increased dramatically. Storage fees for the massive amount of space required by high quality videos became totally inconsequential. Now it is possible to download or stream a full length HD quality video in minutes. Clips4Sale and tube sites have made it possible for just about anyone to mass distribute videos.

This technology driven change in the way bondage material is distributed is all well and good, but it is also changing the nature of what is being produced. Many producers are forgoing bondage photography all together and producing only videos. This is understandable as that is where demand appears to be growing the fastest – for video, not still images. Some have started using video grabs or still images taken with video cameras, but the quality is nowhere near the same. Nor is the “feel” that such images have. It is hard to describe exactly, but they just seem distant, bland and flat. A well staged and thought out bondage photograph conveys so much more than a video grab ever will – even an ultra high quality video grab. Really good bondage photography is an art form, not just a secondary product of a video shoot. In a well done bondage photo set, the staging, background, posing, sequencing, lighting, etc., all work together to draw in the viewer in a way video grab from a video session can’t. Don’t get us wrong. Bondage videos are great. But they are a completely different medium from bondage photography and unfortunately, it may be slowly driving photography into extinction. What currently seems to be left is only a small number of producers creating still bondage imagery as the primary goal, and even fewer that do it with any actual skill or forethought. Most is just poorly done and little more than a byproduct of a video shoot.

At Imago Studios, we continue to produce both and we do so separately. Photo sets are shot exclusively. or at least primarily, as photo sets and video stories are shot primarily as video sessions. Of course, there is some overlap. We do occasionally shoot behind the scenes video during a photo set, or afterwards as a quick take video. And we do shoot stills of video sessions in order to advertise the videos. But we approach shooting for the two mediums differently. Our thought process for shooting a photo set is entirely different that how we approach a video. The final photo set is intended to be a unique stand alone presentation. But we fully admit we are now producing far more video, and consequently less dedicated still imagery, than ever before. The demand seems to be mostly for video and it appears to be growing.

So is bondage photography a dying medium? Do people still have a strong interest in seeing quality still images? Or is such interest fading as the allure of video grows?


Over 100 Quick Take Videos in Members’ Club

The Members’ Club now has over 100 quick take videos, all that have been released thus far. We have already started to add the older videos to the Bondage Warehouse. Soon we will start to remove the older quick take videos from the Members’ Club as new ones are released. If you are currently a member, make sure you save the videos before they disappear. If you are not currently a member, now would be a great opportunity to join and get all the quick take videos for one low price. After a video is removed, it will be available for individual purchase in the Bondage Warehouse, but the per video cost will be significant compared to the cost of a membership.

Watch short sample clips from all the quick take videos.

Which Model Would We Most Want Back?

     The other day we were talking about old models and one of us asked which model from our past would we most like to have back, assuming they were still as we remember them. Without hesitation or question, we both answered Dina Davis. For those of you who have not been around all that long, Dina worked for us from May of 1999 to July of 2004, when she moved backed home, got an advanced degree, married, and started a family. She was a fun person to work with, physically beautiful, incredibly sexy in the way she carried herself, highly flexible, and a great actress. She made any outfit look good, from simple blue jeans, to a fancy dress, to lingerie or nearly nothing at all πŸ™‚ She appeared in 36 of our feature length videos – more than any model other than Molly Bronte. Interestingly, Molly and Dina often worked together and there was definitely chemistry between the two. We have teased Molly that we think Dina had a bit of a crush on her πŸ™‚ After Dina moved, we kept in contact with her for a few years, but eventually lost track of her. But if we were to list models that have been critically important to our success, Dina would be at the top.


What’s “up” with new memberships?

The trend in membership numbers over the last few years has generally been down for a variety of reasons. But last month we unexpectedly had a surge in new member sign ups. In July, we had more new members join than any month since January 2011. And if you exclude that month, you have to go all the way back to May 2006 to find a single month with more new member sign ups. So what happened? Did we get linked someplace new or mentioned in some forum? Did a bunch of new people just discover us? Or did a bunch of previous members suddenly remember us? Are the new video sections getting people’s attention? It is probably a combination of several factors, but regardless, it was nice to see. Thanks guys πŸ™‚

Bondage Challenge Video – We Need Your Ideas

As previous blog entries have covered (and sampled), we recently added the Bondage Challenge Video section to our Members’ Club. Now we would like some ideas from our members as to what they would like to see. A challenge should feature just one model, be something that can be set up and shot in 15 to 20 minutes, and not require a lot of expensive props or locations. The rules of the challenge should also be easy to replicate from model to model. The more unique or devious a challenge, the better, but it needs to be something that is possible for the model to do, as well as safe. We know you have active imaginations – let us know what you think!

Discounts & Special Offers Going Unused

We offer several discounts & special offers that routinely go unused. Not that we mind making the extra $$, but numerous people are missing out on potential savings, so we thought we should point them out.

– When you join our main membership site, Imago Studios, you will be emailed a $10 coupon that can used toward any purchase of $15 or more in either the Bondage Warehouse or the DVD Cart. The coupon code will be in the welcome letter you receive after you join – so you have to provide a valid email address. This coupon can be used only once.

– In addition, when you join Imago Studios, you will have access to another coupon code that is good for 5% off any order in either the Bondage Warehouse or the DVD Cart. This coupon is valid as long as you are a member.

– On the Bondage Warehouse, if you spend at least $55 in one transaction, you automatically get a 10% volume discount. Many people place orders for just under $55 or place multiple orders in quick succession and never realize this potential savings.

– When you place an order at Bondage Warehouse, you will receive a coupon via email (if you sign up for the newsletter) for 10% off your next order if placed within the next 5 days.

– We always have at least two full length video and one short story video on sale. These sale videos are list on the Imago Studios home page (under “current sale videos”) and under “Specials” in the Bondage Warehouse.