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A Huge Shout Out to Our Fantastic Models

What is the single biggest reason for the success of Imago Studios (besides our loyal fans)? What makes Imago Studios truly unique? Why will we be celebrating our 20th anniversary on the web this year when so many other sites have come & gone in the blink of an eye? The answer to all these questions is simple. It is our models. They are beautiful, sexy and cute. They work hard and really enjoy shooting with us. Of course, there are plenty of sites working with beautiful, hard-working models (though none has as many cute models as we do! 🙂 ). But there is a difference – and it is a big one.

The vast majority of the girls who model for us are not professional bondage or porn models. They do not travel around the country shooting with any producer who will pay them. Nearly all of 300 or so girls who have worked for Imago Studios have shot with us and us alone. They are simply real-life ordinary people with normal jobs from every walk of life. And while their motivations for working with us are as varied as their backgrounds, we can say quite honestly that for most of them, it is more about the adventure and excitement of doing something different while having a ton of fun then it is about money. It is their open & natural reactions coupled with their genuine enthusiasm about doing this that makes them truly special and produces a unique product.

Britney Damon

Mia Nelson

Katherine West

Aurora Parker

Leah Powers

Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating

2 comments to A Huge Shout Out to Our Fantastic Models

  • Jim

    Yes, it’s the ‘girl-next-door’ models you have that is the big attraction for me, and the sense of just having fun with the bondage. Please keep it up.

  • JW

    This is the other factor that makes Imago amazing. Everyone has there favorites that evolve over time, including a few that may have only worked once. The 7 ladies above are a good mix of newcomers and long time favorites. It is incredible that you have continued to find non-professional bondage models for almost 20 years. Some work once or twice and others stay for a decade or more. Just amazing.

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