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New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Katherine West & Dianne

Added another quick take video featuring Katherine West & Dianne to the Members’ Club. There has been a revolt at the office and sexy bosses Katherine West & Dianne have been bound & gagged by the interns!! Dressed in pantyhose & business suits, the two helpless bosses struggle to free themselves – with plenty of gag talk!

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9 comments to New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Katherine West & Dianne

  • Imago Studios

    We are hoping to see Katherine back very soon! She was scheduled a few weeks back but was feeling under the weather, so we had to adjust plans. She & Dianne get along very well, so we will see what 2018 holds!

  • Imago Studios

    Gag talk is one of those things that inspires strong emotion – some people love it, some people hate it. Cleave gags look cute in stills but truthfully offer little noise resistance (one of the “reality check” things that drive us crazy when watching TV or movies!). For this particular video, we were going for a very campy effect, which required both the classic cleave gag and also for enough of the story to come out through the dialogue that you’d get the gist of it. It ran on as long as it did because both Katherine & Dianne were having a great time, so we figured, let the camera keep rolling and let the audience in on the fun!

  • Sean

    @Aldo I think the gag talk was meant to highlight the amazing chemistry Katherine & Dianne have together. I love the decision to use only cleave gags. Their back and forth banter is great. I’m sure the video would be just as great if their mouths were stuffed and duct tape wrapped around their heads. It’s all subjective and we all have our preferences.

    Me personally, I think this is one of the top 5 hottest videos Imago has ever produced. We can all have that discussion another day.

  • Aldo

    Great video but it is one of those I have to watch with the volume off. I know there are those out there who like the whole “talk” thing but I feel why bother trying to keep the gals quiet when they can still hold perfectly clear conversations? Might as well use shoelaces.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful! More Dianne as a damsel, and especially alongside Katherine!

  • f/f bondage fan

    much prefer to see Dianne on the other side of the ropework but a wonderful scene for serious leg aficionados!light tan hose has never looked better!

    maybe a follow up revenge story with Katherine assisting Dianne in vengeful bondage acton!?

  • Imok

    I’ve been waiting for this release ever since the first quick take video with Katherine!

    Dianne and Katherine made such a great pair. I sure hope “damsel in distress” is on both Dianne’s and Katherine’s New Years resolution for 2018! 😉

  • Derek

    Would anyone object to having Diane and Katherine tied up at the office? That would make everyday feel like payday and make people wish for overtime….ok maybe it’s just me.

  • JW

    With this release, I do believe you are out of Dianne the damsel material. It looks like it’s time to get her in front of the camera again. Hopefullly! If only I had bought IS-20, back in the day. One of my great regrets. Thank you for these 2 with Katherine and the one with Sablique for the warehouse. They are such a treat.

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