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New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Mia Nelson

Added another quick take video featuring Mia Nelson to the Members’ Club. This time adorable Mia is tied to a wooden frame wearing shorts, pantyhose, boots and a shiny pink top. She pleads not to be gagged or tied any further – but it doesn’t work!

Sample Clip
Click image for MP4 sample
1920×1080 sized sample clip

2 comments to New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Mia Nelson

  • Imago Studios

    We originally did the very long videos with an eye to people buying actual VHS (and later DVD) copies – if you are going to mail out a box, it’s good to get a lot of footage for the flat postage price. As the world has moved to digital download, the interest in longer video has waned. Even though download speeds are faster than ever, many people are watching on mobile devices and seem to enjoy “quick bites” of video rather than large heavy files. While there is still interest in storyline video, we find the interest in the shorter QT series storyline videos is a lot higher than even the more involved BW series. Both we and our models find more inspiration in storylines rather than vignettes, so we will continue to produce them, but our focus is more toward the shorter videos these days.

  • JW

    Mia is so good on video. She became a favorite of mine very quickly. This is her 23rd quick take video and that is amazing. Hope to see many more in the years to come. She would have been great in an IS series solo video back in the day. I miss those days, but these quick takes have been fantastic. Thank you again for this content.

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