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Added IS132 – ‘Leather Bound Beauties’ to the Members Club

Added the complete IS132 – ‘Leather Bound Beauties’ video featuring Mia Chen, Adasia Smith, Molly Bronte, Corrine Delamonte, Juanita Aber, Jedi Brown & Lainie Moon to the Members’ Club.

This video will be available to members for 30 days or it can be purchased individually on our Bondage Warehouse archive site.

Mia Chen

Molly Bronte & Corrine Delamonte

Juanita Aber

3 comments to Added IS132 – ‘Leather Bound Beauties’ to the Members Club

  • MT

    Yes, also excellent performances from Molly and Corrine, and from Juanita as well.

  • Imago Studios

    There are several really strong performances in this one, although of course Mia Chen was the “headliner”.

  • JW

    Take advantage of this one folks. A fantastic performance by the one and only Mia Chen. She was one of the ladies who made Imago what it is today.

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