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New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Sandra Milano

Added a new quick take video featuring Sandra Milano to the Members’ Club. Sandra lies on the bed fully wrapped in saran wrap! Bands of duct tape are added and she is then gagged with duct tape. She struggles helplessly with her cute socks peeking out!

Sample Clip
Click image for MP4 sample
1920×1080 sized sample clip

2 comments to New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Sandra Milano

  • Imago Studios

    We do relatively few mummifications compared to rope bondage, tape bondage, metal bondage, pantyhose bondage, etc. Some people (including Dianne!) love mummification – it can be exciting sensation play, relatively comfortable but inescapable for the “victim”; other people just like the way it looks – sleek & smooth & featureless, kind of like hoods. Everyone has their own thing, and while we certainly don’t cater to every fetish, even every bondage fetish, we like to include a little something for (almost) everyone in our site.

  • Bilbo

    We all have our preferences, but I’ve never seen the point of full-wrap mummification bondage like this. When you have a woman as beautiful as Sandra Milano or Nadia Lyudmilova, why hide the beauty under layers of wrappings? Just my two cents …

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