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Stevie Grace & Bethany Fontaine

On Sunday, we had a very fun time shooting with Stevie Grace & Bethany Fontaine. We started with Stevie, shooting a quick take video & photoset. When Bethany arrived, we shot 2 more videos, including one with both girls tightly hogtied on the bed wearing very sexy fetish attire – not pictured here but look at our Twitter for a couple of snapshots – the position was too intense to do formal photos! Stevie looked terrific, especially in the black PVC pants! After Stevie had to leave for work, we finished the day shooting for a few more hours with just Bethany. We shot 2 more scenes, including another behind the scenes video (we have been doing a lot of those recently) and another quick take video. Bethany truly loves bondage and is just one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She is quickly becoming another of our personal favorites!

All in all, it was a very fun & productive day with two beautiful young ladies!

If you were subscribed to our Twitter feed, you would have gotten a sneak peak of the shoot!


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  • JW

    Stevie look really good in those pants and in general. Bethany is another one of those Imago gems and seems to make a great pairing with anyone.

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