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Added IS-BW00049 to the Members Club

Added the complete IS-BW00049 video featuring Trisha Banos to the Members’ Club. Trisha Banos has been having a fun filled day of shopping – and shoplifting! Unfortunately for her, she runs into the most zealous mall cop known to man. While Trisha sits handcuffed in the chair, the female mall cop starts to search her and comes up with several items that still have tags. Emboldened by her finds, she starts to pull the clothes off of Trisha, leaving her in nothing but bra, panties, and pantyhose. Eager to report her successful capture of a shoplifting suspect, the security guard hogties and gags Trisha to contain her in the store’s back room until the police arrive. Trisha struggles in her bonds, showing off her cute pantyhose clad feet and lovely curvaceous figure.

This video will be available to members for 30 days or it can be purchased individually on our Bondage Warehouse archive site.

Sample Clip - Mp4 format
Click image for MP4 sample
WMV format of the sample clip

1 comment to Added IS-BW00049 to the Members Club

  • JW

    This is the best of Trisha’s multiple pantyhose themed videos. She is super sexy in this clip and o eof the many ladies that made an impact with Imago. Great on video.

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