Weekend Plans – May 1-2

This weekend we have two shoots planned. On Saturday we will be working with Lenora Mazelle and on Sunday it will be Sabrina Hernandez. We plan on shooting video segments with both girls for the leather-heels-pantyhose themed video we recently started with Alexis Grey. Whatever happens, they are two great girls, so we are sure we will have a lot of fun and get some good material.

Preview of May 1 Update

JoJo Lopez
Summer is almost here and the weather is finally getting warmer. To celebrate, this upcoming Saturday’s new photo update features 3 lovely ladies tied up in our swimimg pool. Aurora Parker, JoJo Lopez & Molly Bronte are all bound and wet!

Aurora Parker
Molly Bronte

May 1st New Video Preview

Our next video, to be released on May 1, 2010, features seven boot bound damsels in peril! Lenora Mazelle, Sabrina Hernandez, Lianne Nguyen, Molly Bronte and Ginger Higgins are all boot clad damsels who find themselves bound & gagged in four seperate storyline segments. In addition, Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating appear in a short vignette. This is also the storyline video debut for both Lenora Mazelle & Lianne Nguyen – and Molly Bronte’s fiftith or so!

Cute girls tied up in boots in damsel based storylines – it doesn’t get better than that!

Video Preview - IS152
(click on the image to watch the video)

Preview of April 24 Update

Aurora Parker
This upcoming Saturday’s new photo update features 3 bound beauties. Wearing a formal dress, Aurora Parker is tied in a unique asymetrical “claw” tie. New model Symone Von Brauer is bound in a standing bent over fold position (which, combined with her minimal clothing, shows off her sexy bottom very nicely). And Ryan Williams is tightly tied into a snug balltie with thin cord.

Symone Von Brauer
Ryan Williams

Downloadable ZIP File Site is Up and Running!

It took us far longer than anticipated (over a year actually!), but we have finally gone live with a replacement for the defunct token site. The revised Bondage Warehouse site will be a permenant archive of older Imago Studios photo sets and video clips available as downloadable ZIP files. You will be able to purchase just the photo sets & video clips you want – no membership fees. The site is new and only has about 100 files available at the moment, but we will being adding more on a regular basis.

Bondage Warehouse

Our Weekend with Aurora Parker – Sunday

So after a fun day of shooting on Saturday, we started Sunday off with two more sets of Aurora wearing the sexy Asian dress she wore in one set on Saturday (yes, we really liked the way she looked in that dress, but wanted to show off her sexy legs this time!). We then did a set with her in leather pants and a full leather hood – very hot! Since it was an absolutely beautiful weekend, we decided to go outside and shoot a few sets in our backyard, including two with Aurora in our pool. We think the one of her hogtied on top of our waterfall with the water rushing around her is one of the coolest we have ever done. The lighting was a bit tricky, but the results are fantastic. Keeping with the all wet theme, we went inside and did one last set with Aurora taped up in the shower. It was then time for lunch before Aurora set out for her drive back home. Once again, we had a great weekend with Aurora and got a bunch of really cool material.

Our Weekend with Aurora Parker – Saturday

As we mentioned in a previous post, this past weekend Aurora Parker came into town for another two days of shooting. Actually, she arrived late Friday night, but we didn’t start shooting until later Saturday morning as none of us are morning people! We shot a few sets and then all went out for lunch. We came back and shot another few sets, including one with Aurora dressed in a Hooter’s girl costume. We then all took naps before going out to dinner – LOL – big bunch of Vegas partiers that we are! Last time Aurora was here, we took her to our favorite Indian resturaunt and she liked it so much, she wanted to go back. That ended our first day and as you can see below, we got some really great stuff (as we always do with Aurora). But the material we shot on Sunday was even better. We know, you are thinking what could be better than Aurora in a Hooter’s girl costume – but stay tuned!

Preview of April 21 Update

Naleyja Diaz
Wednesday’s new photo update features two damsels captured and tied in the great outdoors. Naleyja is staked out in the sand and jogger Elease Sims is grabbed & tied to a bench (OK, maybe not the great outdoors as both sets were shot in our backyard, but settings are still nice!).

       Elease Sims

Marie LaVey resurfaces!

We were on the computer the other day, and an IM beeped in. Well lo and behold, it was Marie LaVey, who we haven’t heard from in at least 5 or 6 years. The IM conversation led to a phone call, and as it turns out she is actually back in Las Vegas, married, homeowner, etc.! Earlier this evening we stopped by her house to say hi in person, and we had a very nice visit with her and her husband. Marie looked great, far healthier and happier than she was when we last saw her, which made us very pleased. She even asked about working again, so hopefully we will be able to get something scheduled soon.

Weekend Plans

Aurora Parker will be arriving later tonight for another weekend shoot. We are quite excited as it has been several months since we last saw Aurora and we really love working with her. She will be staying with us until Sunday. And on Saturday, Molly Bronte should by stopping by on her way back to California. She drove through Vegas on Monday night and we had dinner with her. If she gets here at a good time on Saturday, we will all go out again. As she is just driving through, we will not be shooting with her, but it will still be great to see her twice in one week. We keep telling her we are going to visit her again and all go back to Disneyland, but our weekends keep filling up!

Preview of April 17 Update

Sabrina Hernandez
There is no shortage of rope in this upcoming Saturday’s new photo update. Sabrina Hernandez, Lainie Moon, and Dina Davis are all tightly tied with excessive amounts of rope.

We fully admit to sometimes getting a bit carried away, but where is the harm in going a little overboard. Besides, there is no rope anonymous treatment plans that we know of (and we wouldn’t go if there was one)! 🙂

Lainie Moon
Dina Davis

Meet New Model Emily Rose

On Tuesday night we shot with new model Emily Rose – a fitting name as Emily is a redheaded beauty. Emily contacted us a few weeks ago about wanting to work as she was going to be in town for a few weeks. Now Emily has done some fetish modeling before, mostly feet & tickling work, but also some bondage. But the truth be told, Dianne is just crazy for redheads, so we decided to work with Emily despite her prior experience 🙂

At one point Emily admitted that this was the tightest she had been tied and she wondered if it was because Dianne was a woman – Di did most of the tying and Emily had never been tied by a woman before. More likely it was just Dianne getting carried away tying up a cute redhead!

We managed to shoot 5 sets in 3 hours (the second time in recent weeks we have managed to shoot that quickly). A full BTS gallery with more details & sample photos will go up next week in the members’ area.

Preview of April 14 Update

Mysti Morrison
Wednesday’s new photo update features two naughty school girls all tied up. Mysti Morrison & Sakura Kay are featured weaing plaid skirts and white knee high stockings.

       Sakura Kay

Saturday with Alexis Grey Shooting Video


We spent this past Saturday working with Alexis Grey. We spent the entire session shooting video for a new themed video. We shot 3 scenes with Alexis wearing a very sexy (and short) leather skirt, dark stockings and high heels.

All in all, it was a great day and we got a solid start on a new video. Alexis really is a blast to work with and she has quickly become one of our newest favorites.