When it Rains …

Last Friday night we had a water pipe break in our main studio room – actually it was the inlet valve to the toilet in the studio bathroom. Although we were home, we didn’t notice the leak until after the water made its was under the studio door, traveled down the hall and into the living room. By that time the water was several inches deep in parts of the studio. We spent the next several hours doing our best to remove some of the water and get all our equipment and model wardrobe up away from the water. Most of the studio, both storage closets, and the bathroom itself were soaked. First thing in the morning, the insurance company sent an emergency clean up crew to remove water, dry as much as possible and assess the damage. For the next 4 days we had a dozen air blowers and 2 huge dehumidifiers running in the studio. All the noise really freaked the cats out! But it was funny watching the clean up crew move around all our equipment (we hadn’t had a chance to remove it by the time they arrived – we were too busy removing water!). I think they got a kick out of seeing some of the stuff like the arms binders, metal cuffs, hoods, and all the cool clothing. Surprisingly, they only asked one or two questions, and those were about general photography. The room is now dried and the insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow to discuss repairs.

So what does all this mean? Well, it doesn’t look like we will be able to shoot in our studio for a few weeks. So we are on a sort of forced vacation as far as shooting goes!

Preview of May 19 Update

Michelle Roscoe
Tomorrow’s new photo update features 4 boot bound ladies. Michelle Roscoe is tied strappado style, Jamine Martinez & Belle Sagonis are tied wearing boots and leather skirts, while Sarah Brown is pole tied.

Jamine Martinez & Belle Sagonis
Sarah Brown

The Claw Tie Up Close

A few weeks ago, we did an update that featured Aurora Parker tied in an unusual way (see the prewiew of the April 24 update in the blog). Besides some fancy ropework that secured her arms, we also include a ‘claw tie’ on the fingers of her right hand. By no means can we take credit for thinking up this tie. We first saw it done during a presentation by the Two Knotty Boys at a ShibariCon event a few years ago. They have also include a description of it their second book “Back on the Ropes”. However, they show it done with a box knot while we do it with a single strand coin knot (see photo 1). Regrdless of the development, we thought you might want to see some more detailed pics on how the tie was done.

The claw part of the tie starts with a single strand coin knot (photo 1), which produces several nice loops. Note this is a single strand coin knot, not the more comon double coin. You can Google coin knot (or Chinese coin knot or double coin knot) to see some demos on how it is tied. Initially tie the knot without tightening up the loops such that the 3 loops are large enough to fit a finger through. Next place the 3 loops over the 3 middle fingers from the back side of the hand (photo 2) with the center loop going over the middle finger and the outer loops going over each adjacent finger. Tighten the loops up. This will require some playing with the two ends to pull them tighter (photo 3). The 2 running ends can now be used to pull the fingers (and thus the entire hand) back. With Aurora, we simply incorporated the running ends into the rope harness that was securing her left hand behind her.

The Two Knotty Boys show the running ends being used to secure the folding of the elbow, where we used a different rope for that. There are numberous ways this could be modified or used depending on the situation. Surprisingly, this simple tie is quite effective at limiting mobility of the hand and it makes using one’s fingers to do something like untying a knot almost impossible 🙂 If you used smaller diameter rope or string, you could use the coin knot in a similar fasion on the 3 middle toes and tie the running ends down to the shin area. This would effectively prevent flexing of the foot and might be a devious way to tie someone if you intended to do some foot tickling – but beware of foot cramping with the foot flexed that way!

Photo 1 – Structure of the coin knot
Photo 2 – how it goes over the fingers

Photo 3 – tighten up the loops
Aurora Parker – the claw tie done fancy!

Full Length Video now in the Bondage Warehouse

We have started uploading our full-length videos and complete scenes from the videos to the Bondage Warehouse. The full length ones are self-explanatory. The “Scenes” are segments of the video, generally from fade-in to fade-out, so you can see all the action in a particular segment. Both the full-length video and the Scenes are in .WMV (Windows Media) format, and are encoded at a fairly high bit rate to provide a quality viewing experience.

We’ve just started adding these, so it will take a little while for us to get through our entire catalog. But at least back to IS105 will be up there fairly soon. Be patient! 🙂

Sabrina Hernandez BTS Video

Last night (well, more like early this morning as it was close to 2 am), we put up another gallery of Sabrina Hernandez. It contains another 15 minutes of BTS video with this beautiful young lady. That makes close to 2 hours of video of Sabrina in the BTS section, which is the most of any girl we have worked with since Giana Gray and Lana Loss. At that got us to thinking we should probably consider doing a BTS compilation video of Sabrina at some point. Some of that footage is amongst the best BTS video we have done.

Preview of May 15 Update

Ashley Adams & Lisa Star
This Saturday’s new photo update features 3 sets of bondage duos – because 2 bound beauties is always better than one! Featured are Ashley Adams & Lisa Star chair tied, Kaleile Keomaka & Vivian Charnes standing side by side and Callie & Veronica Chase – real life mother and daughter.

Kaleile Keomaka & Vivian Charnes
Callie & Veronica Chase – mother and daughter

Saturday with Sabrina Hernandez

Saturday with Sabrina Hernandez went great. She looked beautiful as always and we particularly liked the light brown highlights she had added to her hair. We shot another scene for the leather skirt-heels-pantyhose video and we also squeezed in 3 more photo sets and nearly 15 minutes worth of BTS video. The photo sets include Sabrina wearing 80’s style hot pink shorts & knee high socks, a very sexy satin black dress and tight white shorts & a corset. Amazingly, this was the first time Dianne got to work with Sabrina in over a year. A full BTS gallery should go up later this week.

Saturday’s Plans

In a little less than an hour, Sabrina Hernandez should arrive. We had her scheduled for last Saturday, but she got sick an had to cancel. If all goes well, we will shoot the last storyline segment for the leather skirt-heels-pantyhose theme video.

Photo CD’s – now available as Downloads

For those who have been eyeballing the Photo CDs but didn’t want to have a pile of physical CDs laying around, you can now download the ENTIRE early years Member Archives in zip files in the catalog. All the members updates from 1999 (when we opened the members section) through 2006 are there.

Just go to our Bondage Warehouse and click on the “Member Archives” link.

Stay tuned for more goodies in the Warehouse soon!

Preview of May 5 Update

Samantha Lynn
Wednesday’s new photo update features thin cord hogties. Samantha Lynn & Angie London are both tied into very strict hogties using extra thin cord.

       Angie London