Preview of August 28 Update

Aurora parker
Saturday’s new photo update features two sexy ladies in fetish attire and fancy headgear. Aurora Parker is decked out in PVC and thoroughly chained to a chair while Sarah brown is tightly tied with rope wearing some very cool purple pants. Both girls are gagged with harness gags.

       Sarah Brown

Another anniversary!

This time it is ours – Imago Studios went live 12 years ago this week. To be honest, it all still amazes us. A lot has changed over the years, but we think we have stayed true to our initial goal of producing a quality product featuring girl-next-door amateur models having fun with bondage.

When we first opened, we only had video sales – VHS! – and no photo site. We opened with 7 videos. We had actually started shooting in May, first with Alexa Close, then Mary Olson, Katie Ladd, Mia Chen, and Erica Lee in quick succession. Back in those days, video editing was done on S-VHS decks, not on the computer, and our production was decidedly low-tech and low-volume: we had 2 of those "Go Video" decks and we duplicated one tape at a time. We didn’t accept credit cards in the beginning – people had to mail in paper order forms with checks or money orders.

Now, we get very few mailed in orders; most DVD orders are placed online, and an ever increasing percentage simply download the material digitally. How times have changed!


Preview of August 25 Update

Kaleile Keomaka
Wednesday’s new photo update features costume bondage. Kaleile Keomaka is a nurse all wrapped up in black electrical tape and Jesenia Stone is naughty referee all tied up in our backyard.

       Jesenia Stone

Sarah Brown

Chair bound

Sexy pants and a harness gag

Earlier this week we worked with Sarah Brown – one of Ray’s personal favorites. It has been a few months since we saw Sarah and her hair is a good deal longer. We shot four sets (including two with Sarah wearing some very sexy purple pants), plus BTS video. A full BTS update will go up in the members’ section next week.

A fold tie


Those purple pants again


Preview of August 21 Update

Salem Williams
Saturday’s new photo update features 3 barefoot ladies in intricate bondage. JoJo Lopez, Augusta Jones & Salem Williams are featured. The set with JoJo is a very skimpy bikini is especially hot 🙂

Augusta Jones
JoJo Lopez

Preview of August 18 Update

Ophelia Keating
Wednesday’s new photo update features 3 ladies in outdoor bondage. Kylie Adams, Ophelia Keating & Sophia Mills are featured. Interesting side note – all 3 girls were friends and came to us via Kylie.

Kylie Adams
Sophia Mills

Alexis Grey

Alexis chair tied with lots of rope.
Yesterday we shot with Alexis Grey for the first time in several weeks. Been so long we almost forgot how much fun she is to shoot with! We shot 3 sets plus some HD video of each scene. A full BTS gallery will go up in the members’ area next week.

Arms overhead – look at that muscle tone!
Tied into a nice little ball.

Return of Marie LaVey

Marie looking good in leather hood & chains.
A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we had met up with Marie LaVey after not seeing her for several years, and she expressed an interest in working again. Well, just a few short hours ago, we got done shooting with Marie for the first time in just over 7 years! As you can see from the pics, she’s still a highly attractive young lady – and still exceptionally flexible. We will post a full behind-the-scenes gallery in the members area next week.

Tightly corseted and bound with leather straps.
Still able to pin her elbows!

Preview August 4 Update

Wednesday’s update features hair bondage on two long haired beauties. Both Aurora Parker and Kai Mana are tied with their hair pulled forcing them to arch & stretch. Aurora’a tie is particularly devious.

Aurora Parker
Kai Mana