Shakespeare may have had the right idea

It is no wonder people hate lawyers! Last Sunday night at 9:30 PM we received this email. We just happened to be at the computer, so we saw it immediately. This person apparently had blocked himself from the site by entering in the wrong username or passowrd too many times and triggering our security system that prevents random guessing at username/passwords. However, instead of sending a note that was the least bit civil, he had to pull this whole big bad lawyer crap.

“I have a membership but you have blocked me. This is no way to treat paying customers. I may have typed in my password incorrectly but this is extremely inconvenient for me. See my evidence of purchase below. If you do not remove this block immediately I will demand a refund, then I will report your breach of contract to the FCC and/or other appropriate agencies.

Attorney at Law
Dunwoody, GA 30338

Normally, when someone accidently gets themselves blocked, we just reset the account and send them a note explaining what happened and why the security system exists. But this guy was just a bit too much. So we banned him from the site permanently (after refunding his membership, of course). So he is now one of about 100 or so people who have been just a little too rude and ended up on our blocked list.

Another New Model – Another Winner

On Saturday we worked with another new model and she was another winner. Her name is Cody Blue and she a very outgoing and friendly girl who obviously loves modeling. She was very enthusiastic about working and it came across clearly in the photos. We manage to shoot 6 very good sets. A full BTS gallery will go up in the members’ area shortly.