New Video Preview: Sabrina Hernandez – The Behind the Scenes Collection

Sabrina Hernandez has been one our best video models for a few years now. Most of her work had been behind the scenes material released in our members’ photo site. Now we have compiled all of the that material into one all inclusive collection featuring 26 scenes and 118 minutes of video! Working with Sabrina is like playing tie up games with the girl-next-door. In write ups about Sabrina in the members’ area, we raved: “we can honestly say she does behind the scenes video better than any other girl we have worked with, even better than Giana Gray, Lana Loss or Kylie Adams, and that is saying something. When you turn the camera on, you never know what she is going to do or say. Her spontaneity is unmatched. She will be sexy, witty and playful; she teases and flirts, struggles and squirms. Her personality charms you and her sexiness overwhelms you. We could spend days tying her up and never get bored.” This video proves that this statement was not an exaggeration!

Video Preview - IS155
(click on the image to watch the video)

Augusta Jones Returns

Earlier this week we worked with Augusta Jones for the first time in over two years. As you can see, Augusta still looks great! We only shot two photo sets plus a video short for the Bondage Warehouse site. We got so little done in part because we spent over an hour talking & catching up, but also because we tied Augusta up with so much rope! In both sets there must be a few hundred feet wrapped around Augusta’s body! You think we would have been easier on her for her first time back in two years! 🙂 But it was great working with Augusta again and she said she is very interested in coming back. This time we won’t wait two years between shoots!

Blog-only special sale!

For readers of the blog only – a special Black Friday sale in the Bondage Warehouse! While everyone else is out fighting the crowds at the mall this weekend, we are offering an extra 10% off with coupon code BLACK2010. This discount can be applied on top of the normal quantity discount – so if you purchase more than $30, you’ll end up with a 20% discount total. Enjoy!

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Ginger Higgins comes for a visit

On Saturday we were fortunate to be visited by the ever-lovely and ever-lively Ginger Higgins. Ginger looked great, and we were pleased to see that her hair is getting long. Not quite long enough for hair-bondage this time, but looks to be coming soon!

We shot 4 scenes, including a short-story video and some fun BTS video. And we almost got her to do our laundry, but we ended up tying her to the washing machine instead (always a good trade off).


Lianne Nguyen – Oh My, she is looking good!

On Wednesday we worked with Lianne Nguyen for the first time in several months because she has been studying abroad. As soon as we opened the door we were floored – this young lady is looking great! She was wearing the outfit with the boots pictured to the left. We have to admit it is quite nice to open your door to a site like Lianne knowing you are going to spend the next several hours tying her up! Besides looking great, Lianne was an absolute blast to work with. This young lady really has her act together. And we learned some really interesting things about Lianne’s personal interests. We’ll just say that she isn’t modeling for us just for the money! Anyway, we manged to shoot 5 sets plus some BTS video. The sets included a very sexy black dress, some pantyhose material, a harness gag, and Lianne’s run in with our full leather hood – which she actually really loved. Ah – a beautiful, highly intelligent kinky girl. Life is good! 🙂

Cody Blue’s Second Visit

On Tuesday Cody Blue was back for her second shoot. And boy was it ever a fun and productive shoot!! It seems Cody really enjoyed her first shoot. She discovered she really liked being tied up and she gets very excited by playing the damsel! We shot several sets, plenty of very good BTS video, and some short video features that will eventually appear in a new section on the Bondage Warehouse download site (more on that in a future post). The session was a blast from start to finish. And we have a sneaky suspicion you will be seeing this highly attractive and very outgoing lady plenty more times in the future.

New Model Charlotte Allen

On Sunday we worked with another new model, Charlotte Allen. Charlotte is a very petite young lady, standing only 5 feet tall, but she is all curves! Very sexy curves! Having never experienced bondage before, it was a day of firsts for Charlotte. We shot 5 photo sets and some BTS video. She was quite a lot of fun to work with and we will certainly have her back.

Meet New Model Staci Reynolds

Yesterday we worked with the lovely and petite Staci Reynolds. Staci is a friendly outgoing girl who was a lot of fun to work with. We shot 6 photo sets and even got some BTS video. A brief sneak peak is below and a full BTS gallery will go up in the members’ area later this week. Look at those expressive eyes!


A Frustrating Weekend

We mentioned that we had some upcoming shoots scheduled with new models and even a shoot with Lynette Baker, a model from about 2 years ago. Unfortunately the past 5 days we went 3 for 3 with no-shows! The 2 new models were particularly frustrating, as we go through a fairly extensive phone interview process and in the case of one of the girls, actually booked her only 1 day prior to the shoot! She even called 30 minutes prior to her scheduled start time to say she was running a bit late but would be here shortly – and then never showed up!

Lynette actually was scheduled to work last week, but cancelled at the last minute. Rescheduled for today, she overslept and totally forgot about the shoot. Thinking back, we remembered that she had gotten somewhat unreliable in her earlier days and guess we made the right decision at that time to stop working with her for awhile until she grew into a level of maturity. Given 2 years have passed, doesn’t look like we should plan on her attaining it anytime soon!

So, a frustrating weekend, but never fear – we’ve been speaking with some other new models and already have another one scheduled!