Preview of July 3 Update

Lainie Moon
Saturday’s new photo update features 3 ladies bound wearing sexy leather attire. Mai Ly, Lainie Moon & Kayla Guns are all featured wearing different leather attire – Mai -s hogtied wearing leather pants, Kayla is hancuffed & manacled wearing a leather jacket & boots and Liane is chair tied wearing a leather skirt, jacket & boots!

Mai Ly
Kayla Guns

Preview of June 30 Update

Sabrina Hernandez
Wednesday’s new photo update features two lovely ladies bound & gagged wearing socks & sneakers. Sabrina Hernandez wears a 80’s style outfit complete leg warmers and pink hot shorts while Liane Nguyen is tied up wearing a tennis outfit with knee socks. Both girls are adorable!.

       Liane Nguyen

Vacation – Galapagos & the Amazon

As we mentioned, we recently returned from vacation in Ecuador. We know no one wants to see all 1100 of our pictures (seriously!) but thought we might show you a few fun ones. We spent a week in the Galapagos Islands, and then a week at a lodge in the Amazon. Great country, great vacation!

In the Galapagos, we swam with sharks (including a hammerhead!), snorkeled with sea lions and green sea turtles, saw blue-footed boobies tend their nests, hiked on recent lava flows, and even were treated to a show of 2 giant tortoises resisting extinction for their species! In the Amazon, we saw pirahna, caiman, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, a WIDE range of birds, and a whole host of other plants and animals that are far, far removed from our desert home.


Preview of June 26 Update

Belle Sagonis & Jasmine Martinez

Mia Chen

Over the 12 years we have been running Imago Studios, we have worked with almost 200 girls, many of whom we have not seen in years. This Saturday’s new photo update features 5 blasts from the past in previously unseen photo sets. Featured are Belle Sagonis & Jasmine Martinez, Mia Chen, Dina Davis and Adasia Smith.

Dina Davis


Adasia Smith


Streaming Video Site – New & Improved!

We just got the first 24 of our super-fabulous NEW broadband videos loaded up on the streaming video site ( These videos stream at 1000 kbps, and are sized at 640×480. They really look good – check ’em out IF you have a nice fast connection! For those without a very fast connection, we still have low-band options available.

This is the size of the new streaming video files:

Preview of June 19 Update

Aurora Parker
Tomorrow’s new photo update features 3 flexible ladies tightly tied. Alexis Grey is bould in a very snug fold position, Nina Daven is tightly hogtied with elbows pinned, and Aurora Parker does a one leg balancing act.

Nina Daven
Alexis Grey

We are back home from a great vacation.

After spending a few weeks in Ecuador visiting the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon rain forest, we are finally back home. And we do mean finally – the trip home took 32 hours! It started in the Amazon with a 3 hour canoe ride up the Napo River – but we had a great time. Ecuador is a beautiful country!! We will post a few pics shortly.

We have also resumed our normal update schedule for the members’ photo site and will be adding new material to the Bondage Warehouse site shortly.