Guide to Imago Studios & Bondage Warehouse

This purpose of this blog entry is to give you a quick guide to all things Imago Studios.

First, if you want to know more about our long history & how we started, see the About Us section.

We have two sites: Imago Studios and Bondage Warehouse.

Imago Studios is our membership site and it is where all our new videos and photosets are released. Members get everything first. A very detailed description of what the membership site contains and how often it is updated can be found on the Samples page. Our Updates page lists updates for approximately the last 90 days. Additional samples, news and other information can also be found on our Twitter and here on this blog.

When you purchase a membership, all the material within is downloadable and can be saved to your hard drive.

Membership pricing options can be found on our Sign Up page. Please note, if you remain a member beyond your first month of billing, your recurring fee drops nearly 25% for subsequent months!

In addition, Members also get 10% off all orders they make at Bondage Warehouse. We also have periodic “Flash Sales” where members get discounts of up to 25% at Bondage Warehouse.

Bondage Warehouse is an archive site where our older material can be purchased a la carte. All our new material goes to Imago Studios first. After a few weeks or months, most (but not all) of it goes to Bondage Warehouse. Since most of the material on the Imago Studios’ membership site is rotated (old material is removed as new updates are added), the Bondage Warehouse allows those new to Imago Studios to purchase the older photos & videos that are no longer in the membership site. Or if you simply do not like monthly membership sites, Bondage Warehouse allows you to purchase items individually without any commitments.

A note to the price conscious shopper – because the Imago Studios membership site contains so much, it is a bargain compared to purchasing the same quantity of material from Bondage Warehouse.

For example, the Members’ Club contains nearly 100 hours of video. If you purchased those videos individually at Bondage Warehouse you would pay over $4000. Even if you wanted less than 1% of the video in the Members’ Club, it is still cheaper to buy a one month membership than to buy the material individually. Members also get access to hundreds of high quality photo sets with new photo sets added multiple times each week. If you bought the same number of photo sets individually from Bondage Warehouse, you would spend several hundred dollars just for those!