10 years ago today …

10 years ago today we worked with the amazing Molly Bronte for the first time! It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, but we’ve watched as Molly has matured from a pretty 18-year old country girl to a graceful and delightful young woman, one who has become a true friend to us over the years. Here’s to many more years of friendship and modeling!

Preview of July 31 Update

Molly Bronte
Saturday’s new photo update features 3 ladies bound wearing sexy satin dresses & high heels. Molly Bronte, Samantha Lynn & Holly Pure are featured – each in a different colored dress.

Holly Pure
Samantha Lynn

Back from the Mountains!

As you probably have noticed, backpacking is one of our passions (along with bondage!). We just got back from our 3rd backpacking trip of the year, this time to the Ansel Adams Wilderness, just southeast of Yosemite. We got to camp at several beautiful alpine lakes. Although it is late July, there was still a lot of snow and ice, as you can see from the pictures. Nothing like clean, cold mountain air to clear your head!

Minaret Lake

Cecile Lake

Iceberg Lake

Shadow Lake

Ray & Dianne

August 1st New Video Preview – Kylie & Ophelia in Don’t Mess with a Dominatrix!

Our next video, to be released on August 1, 2010, features Kylie Adams & Ophelia Keating. When they discover that Dianne, their superior at work, has a secret life as a dominatrix, they decide a little blackmail is in order. But Dianne turns out to be no easy mark and the two quickly learn that you don’t mess with a dominatrix! Numerous costume changes and a variety of positions keep this one moving right along, and who wouldn’t enjoy seeing Kyle & Ophelia transformed into pretty pets in exchange for their blackmail attempt?

Video Preview - IS153
(click on the image to watch the video)

As you can probably imagine, we had a lot of fun shooting this video and we hope you have as much watching it!

We are shooting again – BTS update with all new HD video!

Earlier this week we shot with the lovely (and spunky) Ginger Higgins – the first time we have shot for Imago Studios since a water pipe broke and flooded our main studio space. Not only is it nice to be shooting again, but we also have an a new HD video camera. From now on, we will be doing our BTS videos at 1280×720 and encoded at 2000 kbps. The files are larger, but the image quality is worth it. Of course we are probably going to have to buy a new computer to edit the new video! On our current computer, it takes almost 50 minutes to render a 5 minute clip!

The newest BTS update with Ginger features 3 clips (over 15 minutes) in the new HD format.

Click on the image to see a sample clip of our new HD video:

Clean Up Almost Complete – Time to Shoot Again!!

In an earlier blog entry, we mentioned that we had a water pipe break in our studio room that flooded out most of the space. For the last few weeks, the room has been a construction zone and we have been unable to do any shooting. But the work is finally complete and it is time to shoot again!! We have two shoots scheduled for this weekend and hope to schedule more for next week.

One benefit of all this is that it finally motivated us to clean out and reorganize our wardrobe/prop closet. Over the years, the closet has gradually become more & more disorganized to the point where we often could not find things. And some of the clothing was so out dated that a few of models would tease us about it – particularly Ginger Higgins. So we really went to town, we donated several boxes of clothes & shoes to Goodwill, and organized all our rope, tape, chains and other supplies into plastic storage bins- and damn do we have a lot of rope!

We also painted one of the backdrop walls a new color, painted the bathroom/changing room, and replaced the carpet in the entire studio, so the place will have a bit of a new look.


Preview of July 7 Update

Molly Bronte
Wednesday’s new photo update features two lovely ladies bound & gagged wearing boots & blue jeans. Molly Bronte is tied balancing on one leg while Misherlae Raines is bound in a modified hogtie.

       Misherlae Raines