Our 25th Anniversary!

This August marks the 25th anniversary of Imago Studios going live.

Over the years, we have mentioned other anniversaries, but despite our generally subdued nature, we have to admit that this anniversary somehow means a bit more. When we started, we were true pioneers – one of the first bondage sites on the web. Twenty-five years later and we are now one of the oldest, largest, most successful and certainly most unique bondage sites ever. There are very few people in this world who can say they made a very good living shooting bondage content continuously for 25 years! It is a very unusual accomplishment, but one we take pride in 🙂

Even more unimaginable than our success and longevity is all the amazing people we have met & the incredible fun we have had. It has truly been an unbelievable dream.

If you want to read what we had to say on past anniversaries, here our a few blog posts from years past:
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Imago Studios 15 Year Anniversary!

Our First Shoots in Las Vegas – the Birth of Imago Studios – 25 Years Ago This Month!

This month marks a significant milestone in the history of Imago Studios. Twenty-five years ago this month, we did our first shoots with the full intention of starting our own company. We had previously submitted numerous personal photos of Dianne to Harmony as the wanDeRers and we had also done a handful of shoots with other amateur models using the name Imago Studios that we also contributed to Harmony. That was when we lived in New York and before we become fully disillusioned with the way Harmony treated us. In March 1998, we moved to Las Vegas and immediately set about finding models (see blog entry How We Found Our Models in the Early Years). On Saturday, May 23, 1998, we did our first shoot with Alexa Close and the following weekend (May 30 & 31, 1998), we shot with Mia Chen on Saturday and Mary Olson & Katie Ladd on Sunday. These first shoots would result in our first three videos: IS001 “The Reluctant Bondage Model” starring Alexa Close, IS002 “The Tied and Tormented House Cleaners” starring Mary Olson & Katie Ladd and IS003 “Bound to Bitch” starring Mia Chen.

The actual opening of the Imago Studios website was still a few months off and we had already invested a significant portion of our meager savings to shoot these videos. With no outlet of our own to sell them, we were running low on cash. Although our goal was to start our own website, we though it would be at least prudent to see what another company would offer for one of them, either on a commission basis or as an outright purchase. We didn’t trust Harmony, so we reached out to another bondage producer who already had an established website and also happened to be located in Vegas & sent them a copy of the video that would become IS003. To our absolute amazement, they offered us $2000 for the rights to that one video. This would have been a significant profit given what it cost to produce and the influx of cash would have certainly helped. However, we didn’t like the way the company handled the negotiation and since we had full confidence in our vision for our own website, we turned the offer down. That may have been the best decision we made, at least early on. To this day, IS003 is still our best selling video. Sales of that video in the early years helped carry Imago Studios through the lean times. We made enough money off that one video that we could have put a kid through college, if we had had kids! OK, maybe just community college ;-), but the sales were high enough that we knew this was going to be a real business and we have always treated it as such.

Surprisingly, neither of us remember very much about these 3 shoots. We are certain that at the time, we never imagined doing this for the next 25 years while making a very good living at it! More importantly, we never dreamed we would meet so many great people and make so many good friends along the way, which is all because of another great decision we made early on. Namely, to only work with amateur models and only associate with people with whom we felt a genuine camaraderie – thus avoiding the drama & stigma associated with the mainstream porn & fetish industry. That was definitely not for us.

It is impossible for us to put into words what the last 25 years have been like. Living a dream doesn’t really capture it all. But we are immensely thankful for all our loyal fans and for our incredible models. We feel humbled by the trust and support that has sustained us over the years.

Alexa Close in IS001

Mary & Katie in IS002

Mia Chen in IS003

Which Models Have Worked the Most

In the nearly 25 years that we have been producing, we have worked with almost 300 models. Some shot only once, many work with us for several years before moving on, and a select few have lasted over a decade – or in the case of Britney Damon, two decades!

But of all these models, which ones have worked the most? Perhaps the best way to look at that is by the number of photo sets we have shot with each since we shoot photos of almost every scene a model does. There have only been a few times when we have shot video but not photos of a scene. As a threshold, we selected 100 unique photo sets. Given we shoot 3 to 5 sets a session, a model would have to work approximately 25 times to reach 100 sets. That is a lot visits!

Only the 12 models below have shot 100 or more photo sets. Of these, Molly Bronte & Britney Damon have shot over 200 sets, with Aurora Parker about 20 sets shy of the 200 mark. These 3 ladies outpace everyone else by a long shot.

Daisy & Mia are still actively shooting, Britney & Katherine will probably work again and Aurora, Molly & Kylie are possible long shots. Interestingly, of the 12, we still have contact with 9 of them.

If we had a hall of fame, these 12 ladies would all be in it! 🙂

Molly Bronte

Britney Damon

Aurora Parker

Kylie Adams

Katherine West

Mia Nelson

Jesenia Stone

Daisy Daniels

Ophelia Keating

Holly Everson

Giana Gray

Salem Williams

How many models came close to 100 photo sets but fell just short? The 6 models below were all within a dozen sets of making the 100 list. Since they are all retired, none will be adding to their total but their importance to the success of Imago Studios is undeniable.

Lainie Moon

Dina Davis

Corrine Delamonte

Ginger Higgins

Naleyja Diaz

Renee Rose

Which models working now do we think have a chance of reaching 100 photo sets? One model is definite – Kristen Moore. She is already one of our most popular models ever, super enthusiastic about shooting and just a joy to work with. She should be a shoe-in to reach 100. Her place in our imaginary hall of fame has already been earned!

Kristen Moore

Two other current models that we really hope make it to 100 are Mary Jane Jackson and Bethany Fontaine. Both are about half way there. Both these ladies are really cool, super sweet people that we just love working with.

Mary Jane Jackson

Bethany Fontaine

Finally, 2 new models we are very high on are Celeste Evergreen and Michelle Jennings. They have a long, long way to go, but if they are still with us when we retire, they just might make it 🙂 And you never know when we might find another great new model!

Celeste Evergreen

Michelle Jennings

Behind-the-Scenes Now has Over 1000 Videos

Sometime recently, we posted our 1000th behind the scenes video (nearly 80 hours worth) to the Imago Studios’ Members’ Club. The section also contains nearly 15,000 photos.

We started the behind the scenes section in 2001 and it has grown to be the largest and perhaps the most popular section of the site. It includes model interviews, “fly on the wall” footage of actual photo sessions, video bloopers, outtakes and sneak peeks, plus special interactive clips where the models talk about how they are tied, test their bonds and reveal their feelings on the particular tie they are in at the moment, as well as their thoughts on bondage in general.

Looking back through all the years archived in the 2000+ BTS updates, this part of the site really tells the true story of Imago Studios – the goofiness, the laughter, and the fun times we’ve had. It is a truly unique section. Except for the first 3 or 4 years, almost every shoot we have done is documented there.

Starting the behind the scenes section is probably one of the smarter things we have done 🙂

C4S No Longer Being Updated

Due to changes in C4S requirements that would potentially endanger our models’ safety, we will no longer be updating our C4S store. For the time being, the videos currently there will remain, but it is possible the entire store will be removed in the future.

Business as usual will continue at Imago Studios and Bondage Warehouse. All of our new releases (videos & photosets) will continue to be available in the Imago Studios Members’ Club and as older material is removed from Imago Studios, it will become available in our Bondage Warehouse archive download site.

How We Found Our Models in the Early Years

Imago Studios is one of the most successful & unique bondage sites on the web – and has been so for nearly 25 years. The reason for that is simple – our models. The vast majority of our models are true amateurs and almost all have been exclusive to our site. They are the reason for our success & longevity. When we started back in the 1990s, finding good amateur models was one of our largest obstacles. Doing so required a lot of time, work and money. How did we do it? Read on …

Back in the 90s, finding models via the web wasn’t really possible. There were no social media sites, no Facebook, no Twitter – just AOL chat groups – LOL. We also had no desire to work with porn models like the California producers were doing, so going to an adult talent agency was never considered. We wanted real-life, ordinary people who were not professional models, i.e., true amateurs. But where to find them? Vegas is a large, relatively open minded city with a large university and a decent art community. So we went old school (which actually wasn’t ‘old’ given this was the 1990s!).

First, we hung fliers on the bulletin boards all over the UNLV campus. The fliers varied a bit – large, small, different colors & some included our business cards in a little box at the bottom, but the wording was always more or less the same (see example below). We also advertised directly in the school newspaper. We did this for years and many of our early models found us this way, including greats like Alexa Close, Mary Olson, Katie Ladd, Allaina Trent, Bianca Ford, Danielle Owens, Tehani Kai, Mia Chen, Giana Gray, Holly Everson & Britney Damon. Unfortunately, as the university grew and become more modern, all the bulletin boards were removed.

Click image – an old, original flier we found in our closet

Next, we advertised in the help wanted-jobs section of two local art & entertainment newspapers that were published once a week – The Las Vegas Weekly and The Mercury. The Las Vegas Weekly is still around, but in totally different format and The Mercury went defunct long ago, so we no longer use either. We varied the text quite often, but the ad that ran most often read:

Fetish photos. No nudity req’d.
Have fun & make money doing
something a bit different.
18+ Imago Studios xxx-xxx

Variation on this exact text included:
“MODELS Attractive female models needed for sensual fetish photography (no nudity). Prior modeling experience not required, professional attitude and outgoing personality more important. Must be 18. Imago Studios xxx-xxxx”
“FEMALE MODELS needed for fetish photography, no nudity. Prof. attitude & outgoing personality a must. 18+ only. $xx-xx/hr. Imago Studios xxx-xxxx”
“FEMALE MODELS. Fetish photos/videos. No Nudity or exp. req’d. Clean fun work for outgoing females looking to try something new. 18-30. Imago Studios xxx-xxxx”

The ads were purposely short because they were expensive. But we ran them every week for nearly a decade. The number of models we found through these ads is huge. Dina Davis, Renee Rose, Monique Zeta, Alexis Parker, Stefani Milor, Lilly Cummings, Kara Carlson, Molly Bronte, Marie LaVey, Janeen Gzesh, Jedi Brown, Lydia Sloan, Lainie Moon, Jasmine Martinez, Paulene Heinlein, Cyrelle St. James, Naleyja Diaz, Salem Williams, Augusta Jones, Katarina Wilski, Lana Loss and on & on. The full list would read like a who’s who of our early models.

So what happened next? We would get phone calls, actually lots of phone calls – and messages left on our old tape answering system! We would provide basic info about the work & pre-screen on the phone the best we could, but obviously we had no way of knowing what the caller looked like. This being pre cell phone days, they had no easy way of sending us photos. So if a caller was still interested & passed the initial screening (mostly questions about size, weight, tattoos, piercings, etc), we scheduled an in person interview. We probably did in person interviews with 60% to 70% of the people who called.

How did we conduct these interviews? Once or twice a week, we would schedule the prospective models to meet at different Starbucks across town – most often at one directly across from UNLV. We would schedule anywhere from 2 or 3 to 10 or more models at a time, spaced at 15 minute intervals. We spent hours each week sitting in a Starbucks! We would explain the nature of the work in full detail and show them photo examples of our work – which was nothing more then one of those 4×6 photo books – you know, like the ones your grandma had hundreds of!. Very early on, we didn’t have very many samples, so the book consisted of just 10 pics, mostly of Dianne and 1 or 2 of the models we had worked with back in NY. Not a very professional presentation – LOL!

Click image – our highly professional early photo book!

It was definitely an odd experience trying to do interviews for bondage models in a Starbucks! They were normally crowded and quite often, once a person at a nearby table overheard the word ‘bondage’ or’ model’, we would see them try to lean in closer and hear more about what was being said. We are sure we piqued a lot of people’s curiosity. But we did these interviews so often we didn’t care if people were noisy. We did these in-person interviews every week for more than 10 years. It was part of our life. Of course, we got a lot of no shows. On average, about half of the people who scheduled actually showed. Some days we spent a lot of time just sitting there. But there were occasions when everyone showed, asked lots of questions and we would fall behind and have girls sitting all around us waiting their turn.

If the girl seemed good and was still interested, we scheduled a shooting date immediately. Early on, this was often in just a few days. Interview a girl on Thursday, shoot with her on Saturday and release the video the next week! As time went on and we got more & more models, the scheduling time got longer, often several weeks down the road. Of the girls that showed & expressed interest, we probably hired only 20% to 30% of them. What can I say – we were quite picky and had a very particular look we were going for. At the time, that meant no visible tattoos, no implants (we wanted all natural), no unusual facial piercing (nose, lips, etc.), no wild hair colors, no goth type looks, etc. Essentially, we wanted Marcia Brady & Mary Ann (Gilligan’s Island) – not Baywatch babes.

One thing we were very bad at early on was rejecting a girl at the interview. If they were interested but we didn’t think they would work out (i.e., didn’t have the right look), we would say something like “We are doing a bunch of interviews tonight and we will be calling back those we want to work with in a few days.” This wasn’t at all professional, but neither of us had the heart to tell someone directly to their face that they weren’t attractive enough. After all, these were mostly college students, not professional models used to rejection. Eventually, we learned to do this, but it didn’t always go well. We had some who would sit there and argue with us.

Now, everything is different and in some ways far easier for producers, assuming you want to work with  the same “pro” models as everyone else. Available and willing models are all over social media, promoting and marketing themselves to customers and looking for work. But if you are at all familiar with Imago Studios, you know we very, very rarely work with known fetish models. We have remained true to our original vision of Imago Studios being a true amateur bondage site. It is far from being the easiest tack we could take, but it is what we do and we do it very well 🙂

No More Tying Girls Up in Our Pool!

Click image
What have we been up to with all the extra time Covid has so generously given us? One thing we did was to convert our small pool into a water garden-turtle-fish pond. Long term followers will remember the old pool from numerous photosets over the years where we tied girls up in it! 🙂 But we rarely used it otherwise. For several years we have been thinking of turning it into a water garden, but never had the time to do it. This spring we suddenly found ourselves with a lot of extra time and our larger koi pond was beginning to get overrun with turtles (which breed amazingly fast, BTW), so we spent a few weeks doing the conversion and now our new pond is really starting to bloom.

Before Pics – Girls Tied in the Pool 🙂

Click image

Click image
So the days of tying up pretty girls in our pool-waterfall are over. The feature has been taken over by a lush watergarded with about a dozen turtles and 20 or so Shubunkin & Sarasas goldfish, plus various birds & dragon flies. And we couldn’t be happier.

After Pics.

Click image

Click image

Click image
    Click image

Another Anniversary – 22 Years on the Web

Long time fans and followers of Imago Studios know that August is the anniversary month for the Imago Studios website. Sometime in August 1998, Imago Studios went live. The exact date has long ago escaped our memories. Of course, we were producing for several years before that, both as Imago Studios and as “the wanDeRers”.

Over the years, we have written much about our history, the support we have received and how much it means to us. Not sure we have anything new to add, other then to repeat that we are forever thankful to our loyal customers for their amazing support over all these years. Without you, we would not exist. We also want to state once again that we have no intentions of retiring anytime soon. We are still having way too much fun to think about stopping, and that is due in large part the the fantastic group of models we are currently working with. We said this last year, but we will say it again – no other producer has ever been lucky enough to find & work with so many super cool & classy amateur models. They are simply the best.

If you want to read what we had to say on past anniversaries, here our a few blog posts from years past:
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Happy Anniversary to us – 18 Years on the Web!
Imago Studios 15 Year Anniversary!

Why We Are Still Shooting

You may be wondering why we have not stopped shooting with our models. The answer is simple – many of them are now unemployed. Las Vegas, like many areas, is essentially closed. Since many of our models worked in the casinos, restaurants & bars, they now have no source of income. So we will try, in our own small way, to help as many of them as we can. In part, because we are lucky enough to be in a position to do so, but also because we consider many of them to be good friends & not just models. However, if things continue to worsen, we may eventually decide the more prudent thing to do is to stop shooting.

A Guide to all our Video Series and other Products

This purpose of this blog entry is to give you a quick guide to all our different products & video series.

We have two sites:
Imago Studios is our membership site and it is where all our new videos and photosets are released.
Members of Imago Studios get everything first.
Bondage Warehouse is an archive site where our older material can be purchased a la carte.
For a more detailed description of these 2 sites, see Quick Guide to Imago Studios & Bondage Warehouse.

Our Products:

Photosets – All new photosets go to the Imago Studios membership site first. After a few months, they are removed and added to Bondage Warehouse. All photosets released from January 2005 on wards can be purchase individually from Bondage Warehouse. Photosets released prior to January 2005 are only available in the Photo Site Archives available at Bondage Warehouse (see below).

Photo Site Archives – Photosets released prior to January 2005 are only available in the Photo Site Archives available at Bondage Warehouse. Each archive contains all the photosets that appeared in “New Photo Updates” section of the Imago Studios Members Site for a specific year. The archives cover 1999 through 2009 and are the most economical way to complete your collection of Imago Studios’ photos from the early years.

Quick Take Videos (QT series) – Quick Takes is our current video series and includes both short vignette-style videos and shorter storyline videos. All new quick take videos appear in the Imago Studios membership site first. After a few weeks, the are added to Quick Take Video section of Bondage Warehouse.

Short Story Videos (BW series) – The BW videos are shorter storyline videos released from 2011 to 2020. These videos are fast-paced D.I.D. or themed short stories containing 1 to 2 scenes. The entire BW Video series (165 videos) is available for individual download at Bondage Warehouse.

Feature Length Video (IS Series) – Our original video series shot between 1998 & 2012. These older feature-length videos were often 60 to 90 minutes or more in length and usually featured multiple models and several stories. The IS video series is available for individual download at Bondage Warehouse.

Video Scenes (from IS series) – Video segments taken from the Feature Length Videos (IS Series). The video Scenes are exactly that – a full scene from fade-in to fade-out. They are available only for videos IS133 to IS160 from Bondage Warehouse.

Video Clips (from IS Series) – Short video snippets (2-3 minutes) taken from our Feature Length Videos (IS Series). They are available from Bondage Warehouse. A rotating selection of 20 video clips is also available in the Imago Studios members site.

Behind the Scenes Video – These truly unique videos include model interviews, “fly on the wall” footage taken during our shoots, plus special interactive clips where the models talk about how they are tied, test their bonds and reveal their feelings on the particular tie they are in at the moment, as well as plenty of good-natured teasing and banter. There are over 1000 behind the scenes videos (and 14,000+ photos) dating back more than 20 years in the Imago Studios’ membership site, with new videos added regularly. A few sample videos can be found on the Imago Studios’ Samples Page.
A small sampling of these videos can also be purchased individually from the Behind-the-Scenes Video section at Bondage Warehouse.

Challenge Videos – These videos feature our models showing off their competitive sides, trying to accomplish tasks while bound & gagged. There are more than 70 challenge videos (>7 hours) of 20+ different challenges. These videos are only available in the Imago Studios’ membership site

Willingly Helpless – Shot in 2010, these videos were originally part of another site distinct from Imago Studios. We worked with well-known bondage models, bound & gagged them until they were completely helpless, often to the limits of their endurance, and we filmed the entire process from beginning to end. No acting. No contrived storylines. No distracting scene play. Just beautiful women, tight bondage, and their real reactions and emotions. These videos can now be purchased individually from the Willing Helpless section at Bondage Warehouse.

Finally, if you want to know more about our long history & how we started, see the About Us section.

Quick Guide to Imago Studios & Bondage Warehouse

This purpose of this blog entry is to give you a quick guide to all things Imago Studios.

First, if you want to know more about our long history & how we started, see the About Us section.

We have two sites: Imago Studios and Bondage Warehouse.

Imago Studios is our membership site and it is where all our new videos and photosets are released. Members get everything first. A very detailed description of what the membership site contains and how often it is updated can be found on the Samples page. Our Updates page lists updates for approximately the last 60 days. Additional samples, news and other information can also be found on our Twitter and here on this blog.

When you purchase a membership, all the material within is downloadable and can be saved to your hard drive. There are no additional fees.

Membership pricing options can be found on our Sign Up page. Please note, if you remain a member beyond your first month of billing, your recurring fee drops nearly 25% for subsequent months! You can cancel at any time.

In addition, Members also get a coupon code for 10% off all orders they make at Bondage Warehouse. We also have periodic “Flash Sales” where members get discounts of up to 25% at Bondage Warehouse.

Bondage Warehouse is an archive site where our older material can be purchased and downloaded a la carte. All our new material goes to Imago Studios first. After a few weeks or months, most (but not all) of it goes to Bondage Warehouse. Since most of the material on the Imago Studios’ membership site is rotated (old material is removed as new updates are added), the Bondage Warehouse allows those new to Imago Studios to purchase the older photos & videos that are no longer in the membership site. Or if you simply do not like monthly membership sites, Bondage Warehouse allows you to purchase items individually without any commitments.

A note to the price conscious shopper – because the Imago Studios membership site contains so much, it is a bargain compared to purchasing the same quantity of material from Bondage Warehouse.

For example, the Members’ Club contains nearly 100 hours of video. If you purchased those videos individually at Bondage Warehouse you would pay over $4000. Even if you wanted less than 1% of the video in the Members’ Club, it is still cheaper to buy a one month membership than to buy the material individually. Members also get access to hundreds of high quality photo sets with new photo sets added multiple times each week. If you bought the same number of photo sets individually from Bondage Warehouse, you would spend several hundred dollars just for those!

Chinese Bondage – The Five Flowers Tie

Many years ago, when we were teaching a class at the ShibariCon convention in Chicago on the Chinese five flowers tie (Wu Hua Da Bang), we developed a tutorial website called Chinese Rope Art, which was intended to serve as an introduction to the tie and as a study aid. The site contained information on the origin & history of the tie, plus numerous step by step examples demonstrating how to do the tie in both basic & advanced forms. Many decorative variations that incorporated the five flowers tie along with the Japanese Takate Kote and more western influences are also pictured. The site was somewhat hastily put together and did not include all the information we had available. We intended to update the site with additional information and examples, including some video tutorials, but as time went by, we moved on to other projects and generally lost interest. It is unlikely we will keep the site up for much longer. So if you are interested in Chinese bondage, or just want to see some more pics of our models tied up all fancy like 🙂 check out the site before it is gone.

Click Image

Click Image

Click Image

Click Image

Click Image

Click Image

Reflections on 2019

With another year gone, we now enter our 22nd year on the web and it is time for our annual reflection on the past year. By every measure, 2019 was a fantastic year for Imago Studios. Our sites had one of their best years of the past decade. Visitation to our websites & blog are at record highs. Requests for custom videos are off the charts. Interest in Imago Studios may never have been higher – and that is truly amazing given our long & successful history.

More importantly, we continue to find & work with the most amazing models anywhere. Because our models are such cool people, we are still having a great time doing this. After all these years, we are shooting & producing more (and better) content than ever before. Although personal matters kept us from shooting for over 2 months near the end of the year, we continued updating the site on schedule, although we admit we were a little slow answering emails.

Finally, we once again want to thank all our loyal customers for their support. Without you, we would not exist. The level of support we have received for such an extended period of time never ceases to amaze us. THANK YOU!

Bondage Warehouse has Volume Discounts – You can Save Money!

A reminder: our Bondage Warehouse archive site has volume discounts & you don’t have to spend lots of money to save.
– If you order over $35 in one order, you get an automatic 10% off!
– If you order over $75 in one order, you get an automatic 20% off!
In addition to the volume discounts, members of Imago Studios get 10% off all orders with coupon code.

That mean you can save up to 30% on just a $75 order!!!

We mention these discounts often, but we still get numerous customers who place 3 consecutive orders for $9 or $10 when they could have done a single order & saved money. Or customers who order just under the amount needed for the discount & miss an opportunity to save (i.e., making a purchase for $34 when spending a dollar more would save them $3.50). And there are many Imago Studios Members who order and do not use the Members’ discount code available on the Members’ home page.

This Blog has a New Look!

This blog is getting a new look! The skin we used for the old blog was old & no longer being supported, so we had to update to a new look. Over the next few days, we will be tinkering with the layout & colors, so the appearance may still change some. All the old posts will remain, but there are some backward compatibility issues in a few older posts with the layout & sizing of some images. We don’t think this is fixable. But all the content is still there!