A Guide to all our Video Series and other Products

This purpose of this blog entry is to give you a quick guide to all our different products & video series.

We have two sites:
Imago Studios is our membership site and it is where all our new videos and photosets are released.
Members of Imago Studios get everything first.
Bondage Warehouse is an archive site where our older material can be purchased a la carte.
For a more detailed description of these 2 sites, see Quick Guide to Imago Studios & Bondage Warehouse.

Our Products:

Photosets – All new photosets go to the Imago Studios membership site first. After a few months, they are removed and added to Bondage Warehouse. All photosets released from January 2005 on wards can be purchase individually from Bondage Warehouse. Photosets released prior to January 2005 are only available in the Photo Site Archives available at Bondage Warehouse (see below).

Photo Site Archives – Photosets released prior to January 2005 are only available in the Photo Site Archives available at Bondage Warehouse. Each archive contains all the photosets that appeared in “New Photo Updates” section of the Imago Studios Members Site for a specific year. The archives cover 1999 through 2009 and are the most economical way to complete your collection of Imago Studios’ photos from the early years.

Quick Take Videos (QT series) – Quick Takes is our current video series and includes both short vignette-style videos and shorter storyline videos. All new quick take videos appear in the Imago Studios membership site first. After a few weeks, the are added to Quick Take Video section of Bondage Warehouse.

Short Story Videos (BW series) – The BW videos are shorter storyline videos released from 2011 to 2020. These videos are fast-paced D.I.D. or themed short stories containing 1 to 2 scenes. The entire BW Video series (165 videos) is available for individual download at Bondage Warehouse.

Feature Length Video (IS Series) – Our original video series shot between 1998 & 2012. These older feature-length videos were often 60 to 90 minutes or more in length and usually featured multiple models and several stories. The IS video series is available for individual download at Bondage Warehouse.

Video Scenes (from IS series) – Video segments taken from the Feature Length Videos (IS Series). The video Scenes are exactly that – a full scene from fade-in to fade-out. They are available only for videos IS133 to IS160 from Bondage Warehouse.

Video Clips (from IS Series) – Short video snippets (2-3 minutes) taken from our Feature Length Videos (IS Series). They are available from Bondage Warehouse. A rotating selection of 20 video clips is also available in the Imago Studios members site.

Behind the Scenes Video – These truly unique videos include model interviews, “fly on the wall” footage taken during our shoots, plus special interactive clips where the models talk about how they are tied, test their bonds and reveal their feelings on the particular tie they are in at the moment, as well as plenty of good-natured teasing and banter. There are over 1000 behind the scenes videos (and 14,000+ photos) dating back more than 20 years in the Imago Studios’ membership site, with new videos added regularly. A few sample videos can be found on the Imago Studios’ Samples Page.
A small sampling of these videos can also be purchased individually from the Behind-the-Scenes Video section at Bondage Warehouse.

Challenge Videos – These videos feature our models showing off their competitive sides, trying to accomplish tasks while bound & gagged. There are more than 70 challenge videos (>7 hours) of 20+ different challenges. These videos are only available in the Imago Studios’ membership site

Willingly Helpless – Shot in 2010, these videos were originally part of another site distinct from Imago Studios. We worked with well-known bondage models, bound & gagged them until they were completely helpless, often to the limits of their endurance, and we filmed the entire process from beginning to end. No acting. No contrived storylines. No distracting scene play. Just beautiful women, tight bondage, and their real reactions and emotions. These videos can now be purchased individually from the Willing Helpless section at Bondage Warehouse.

Finally, if you want to know more about our long history & how we started, see the About Us section.