New Video Preview – Duct Tape Tales

Our next video, to be released on October 1, 2010, features six great girls and a whole lotta duct tape! Samantha Lynn, Lenora Mazelle, Sabrina Hernandez, Jaqueline Duschene, Alexis Grey & Sarah Brown each star in their own storyline segment where each ends up getting thoroughly secured with ample amounts of duct tape!

Video Preview - IS154
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Two New Models – Both Winners

Last week we mentioned that we would be working with several new models over the coming weeks, including two over this past weekend. Well, we are happy to report that both girls from this past weekend are winners! We managed to shoot 6 photo sets with each girl – a very good pace for new models. Both girls were a lot of fun to work with and we plan on bringing them both back. Full details about the shoots and more pics of each girl will go up in the behind the scenes section of the members area next week.


First up on Saturday was Rebecca Mosley.



Then on Sunday, it was Victoria May.


Molly Bronte Stops By

Last week we did 2 shoots. The first was with Molly Bronte, who was driving through Vegas on her way back home to visit her family. She always stops and stays the night with us. She arrived a bit late, so we didn’t get any sets shot the first day. Instead, we all went out for a good dinner at the Mirage. That night, Molly wanted to get some shots in our pool for her regular modeling portfolio. Her boyfriend, who is a fantastic photographer, took some really good pics. It was quite late and the water was cold, but Molly really wanted to do it. The next morning, we shot 3 sets with Molly before she had to get back on the road. She stopped by again yesterday on her way back to California, but we didn’t have time to shoot. But Molly was nice enough to buy us lunch 🙂

A great shot of Molly taken by her boyfriend

New Site with New Models Coming Soon

For the last few months we have doing shoots for a new site we will be opening in November. The site will be called Willingly Helpless ( and the name pretty much sums up the site’s focus. It will feature known bondage models in full nude, very stringent bondage, but with the relaxed, consensual overtones that you are used to seeing at Imago Studios rather than the S/M oriented, overtly sexual tone more common with other nude bondage sites.

Each set has been shot on HD video from start to end, including the tying and untying. We have also shot high-quality stills of each series. The site will allow for set purchases “a la carte” similar to the Bondage Warehouse – so for example, if you want only the 3rd set from Emily Addison plus the 1st set from Wenona, that’s all you need to buy, not a full membership.

Don’t worry, we aren’t neglecting the Imago Studios site! We plan to continue that until we are old(er) and gray(er)!

Sophie Nova
Samantha Grace

Tracey Jordan
Emily Addison

Andrea M.

Preview of Sept 4 Update

Jasmine & Belle
Saturday’s new photo update features girl on girl bondage. First, Jasmine Martinez ties up and torments her good friend Belle Sagonis. But when Belle manages to struggle free, the tables are turned and Jasmine finds herself at Belle’s mercy. Next, Sophia Mills playfully ties up Kylie Adams. With Kylie nice & secure, she then proceeds to do a little self bondage, with the assistance of Kylie.

       Kylie & Sophia