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New Challenge Video in the Members’ Club

Added a new challenge video to the Members’ Club featuring Britney Damon and Leah Powers competing at self bondage where they bind themselves the best they can in the limited time provided, thus racing against each other and the clock. The winner? You decide 🙂

Click image for wmv sample
MP4 format of the sample clip

2 comments to New Challenge Video in the Members’ Club

  • Imok

    It was a very fun video to watch :), I hope you get other models to pair up to try the same challenge! Another variation of course to to see them tie each other up and see how long it takes them to get free. I’m thinking back to an older video that involved Molly and Corrine.

    I’ve broken the challenge in a couple of categories:
    1. Rope work on the legs goes to Britney.
    2. Tape work wasn’t very creative for either model. Britney was pretty sloppy and in the end it costed her time.
    3. Selfgag goes to Leah. She was the first to add the gag and it was tighter. Although I admit, ballgag is my least favorite to see models wear compared to cloth or tape. I’m an old fashioned tv damsel type bondage fan, and you usually don’t see tv damsels get ballgagged.
    4. Creativity is kind of a draw. They both ended up with the same idea. Unfortunately neither one decided to blindfold themselves, or tried to be different with the gag. I remember the early years of Britney getting duct tapped over a cleave gagged 🙂
    5. Immobilization goes to Britney. She didn’t look like she could get free easily. Which I think is usually the idea for people who do self bondage.

    Based on this criteria I vote Britney!

  • Derek

    Britney hands down. It’s like she’s been around you guys for a while. lol

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