Added IS138 “Babysitter Perils” to the Members Club

Added the complete IS138 “Babysitter Perils” video featuring Katarina Wilski & Renee Rose to the Imago Studios Members’ Club.

A (very!) light-hearted damsel-in-distress story in which Renee Rose is the mother of a bratty little daughter who enjoys turning the tables on her babysitters. Renee warns new sitter Katarina Wilski to keep her wits about her, but somehow Katarina fails to heed her warning and finds herself hogtied on the floor. After struggling with the ropes, Katarina is nearly free and hell-bent on finding the little brat! But alas, a TRUE burglar enters and decides pretty Katarina would look better in little more than lingerie and vet wrap.

After struggling for a time, she is relieved to see Renee return and tries to warn her that the burglar is still in the house. But because she didn’t bother to ungag Katarina, Renee misunderstands and thinks that Katarina is just playing a silly game. Unfortunately, she then gets grabbed by the burglar and also ends up wrapped and taped on the floor alongside Katarina.

As a bonus, at the end of the video we have included some of the bloopers that occurred while shooting this custom video.

This video is 30 minutes long and is just 1 of 100s of videos available in the Members’ Club.

This video will be available to members for 30 days, or you can buy it on an individual basis from the Bondage Warehouse

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