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New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Aurora Parker

Added another quick take video featuring Aurora Parker to the Members’ Club. Aurora realizes too late that her car service driver is not the correct person. Grabbed, hogtied, gagged and blindfolded in the back seat, Aurora is taken for a ride! She ends up being carried into an empty basement and left to struggle. What her captors want and what fate awaits her she does not know!!

Sample Clip
Click image for MP4 sample
1920×1080 sized sample clip

3 comments to New Quick Take Video in Members’ Club Featuring Aurora Parker

  • Imago Studios

    It will be 4 to 5 months before it works its way to the Bondage Warehouse. Generally, 4 new videos go up and 4 move to the Warehouse each week. The best bargain would be to join the Members’ site and get not only that video (which will sell for about $7-8) but over 100 more for one low price 🙂

  • Ray Palomo

    Any idea when this clip will be available for purchase? So glad I found you guys!

  • JW

    This looks amazing and so great to see Aurora doing video. Long time fans will remember she did not shoot video for many years. So glad those days are over. Look forward to many more years of Aurora struggling in action.

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