Membership at Imago Studios is such a Bargain!

A one month membership at Imago Studios cost $42.95. We realize that is not an insignificant amount of money, but if you enjoy our material, is a true bargain. Here are several reasons why:

1) The Members’ Club contains over 100 hours of video. If you purchased all those videos individually at our Bondage Warehouse site (which you actually can’t – see below) you would pay over $4500. If you bought them from our C4S site, you would pay well over $5000 (which you also cannot do since we stopped updating C4S in August 2021). Even if you wanted less than 1% of the video in the Members’ Club, it is still cheaper to buy a one month membership than to buy the material individually. In other words, you only have to want 8 or 9 of the over 1000 videos in the Members Club to cover the cost of the membership – everything else is a bonus! And new video material is added multiple times each week!

2) In addition to all that video, Members also get access to hundreds of high quality photo sets with new photo sets added multiple times each week. If you bought the same number of photo sets individually from Bondage Warehouse, you would spend several hundred dollars just for those!

3) Much of the material in the Members’ Club is not available anywhere else. For example, the Members’ Club contains over 1000 Behind-the-Scenes videos. Only 107 of those are currently available on the Bondage Warehouse. In addition, the 100+ Challenge Videos and dozens of recently released Quick Take videos are only available in the Members’ Club. Yes, most of this video material will eventually be available in the Bondage Warehouse, but it may take months, if not years, to get there. The new photo sets appearing in the Members’ Club will take nearly a year to appear in the Bondage Warehouse!

4) Members get a 10% off coupon they can use on all orders they make at Bondage Warehouse for even more savings.

5) If you remain a member beyond the first month, your monthly fee drops to only $32.95, a 25% savings!

But of course, if you just don’t like memberships or subscriptions, you can always buy a la carte from Bondage Warehouse and get exactly what you like!

1 thought on “Membership at Imago Studios is such a Bargain!

  1. I’ve been with Imago since the very early days, which is close to 20 years now. Bought my first VHS tape from then in March of 1999. Been a member of the site since then and Ray & Dianne have continued to provide outstanding content that is never stale. They have continually adapted with the times to include new technology. The quick take videos alone are worth the price of a membership. I remember waiting once a month for videos to be available for purchase and mailed to me. Now you can watch a video instantly as a member. The behind the scenes from shoots is one of their best features that includes interviews with the models which is rare treat not found on other sites. Join today ??

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