A Hopping Good Day with Mia Nelson

On Monday, we had our good friend, Imago legend and all around super cool person Mia Nelson over to shoot a custom video. It features Mia dressed in her bra and panties and hopping all about our house & yard desperately trying to get away. After all these years, you would think Mia would have learned that she is never going to escape our clutches!! 🙂 The video and photosets will eventually appear in the Imago Studios’ Members’ Club.

4 thoughts on “A Hopping Good Day with Mia Nelson

  1. We are not going to shoot any more topless material, and only a few models are comfortable with sheer and/or lingerie. As far as the Willingly Helpless catalog, that is still TBD due to various factors out of our control.

  2. You guys have been doing a lot of sheer/see through and underwear sets as of late. Which is amazing and they are all quality.

    Is there any chance you may go back to doing some topless sets if the models are willing?

    Or possibly adding to the Willingly Helpless Catalog in the Bondage Warehouse?

    The current line up of models and material is top notch..

  3. Sounds like a great custom for Mia! Looking forward to seeing it when it becomes available.

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