Michelle Jennings – a fun and creative day

Last week, we shot with the beautiful Michelle Jennings. Michelle is another one of our models who we truly enjoy working with – she is an excellent actress, always works hard to make sure we get the shot we need, and is a very kind & sweet person. This visit, we shot 3 videos, with photosets, all of which will eventually appear in the Imago Studios’ Members’ Club. We had the framework for these stories in advance, but with Michelle’s input and ad-libbing, all came out as really entertaining videos that we know you will enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Michelle Jennings – a fun and creative day

  1. Always good to see Michelle back working with you… she does make some of the best scenes ever! Looking forward to these!

  2. Always great to see you shooting with Michelle! Really looking forward to seeing these scenes. I agree, Michelle gives great dialogue in her videos!

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